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Garden Groom Pro Home Depot | Good Deal?

Recently I heard of an exciting yard improvement device, Garden Groom Pro hedge trimmer.  In a Garden Groom Pro Home Depot comparison which one is the best buy?

I recommend that you follow along in my Garden Groom Pro investigation by checking out the Garden Groom website

There are many terrific products at The Home Depot so why would I go through the hassle of going online to purchase a Garden Groom Pro?  What sets apart Garden Groom Pro hedge trimmers?

One thing that is very interesting about Garden Groom Pro is its inventor, Graham Wilson, “Several years ago, Graham Wilson, a retired engineer was cutting hedges in his garden in Wirral, England. After a long day, he began to think that there must be an easier and safer way to do the job….he set out to try and solve the problems that all gardeners face when they venture out to cut their hedges – too dangerous, too time-consuming, and too much work!

To achieve his goal in 1999, at the age of 53, he re-mortgaged his home and ploughed all of his savings into the development of his invention.  Years later, and after spending a small fortune and with many disappointments and rejections along the way, Graham has succeeded by introducing the Garden Groom to gardeners around the world. Graham has proved that great ideas are always worth fighting for!

Why did I include the story of the inventor of the Garden Groom?  I love this story because Mr. Graham did not invent this product for gain or prestige.  He did it for the pure and simple reason of coming up with a superior product, a superior hedge trimmer.  The fact that Mr. Graham gardens makes the Garden Groom even more useful because he actually knows what gardeners need and want in a hedge trimmer.  There are many great hedge trimmers and other gardening products at The Home Depot but how many of them are made to improve the gardening experience as opposed to just make a profit?

What improvements to the conventional hedge trimmer did Mr. Graham make when he invented the Garden Groom?  The Garden Groom is designed to cut the hedge, shred the clippings and then deposit the clippings in a receptacle allowing for easy disposal either as green waste, compost, or mulch.

How did he deal with the safety issues of hedge trimmers?  The cutting blade is safely concealed so that the Garden Groom cuts vegetation and not electric cords or body parts.

When it comes to a Garden Groom Pro Home Depot comparison the Garden Groom website is the best place to get the hedge trimmer, 90 day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee, lowest price and free bonuses.

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